Weekend in San Antonio

On Friday we left Lower Dover to visit the small village of San Antonio, where our guide Abdon Lives. We were hosted by the San Antonio Women’s Cooperative, and stayed with host families in the village.

We visited a farm, where a local man taught us ways to survive in the jungle, including building shelters and making fire. We even got to try making fire ourselves! We spent the night eating dinner and getting to know our host families

On Saturday, we started with a cooking lesson from the women of the cooperative. We made fajitas, salad, and chili. We also got a pottery lesson and were able to make our own dishes. In the evening, we played (and lost) a game of soccer to local kids, and then got to eat dinner with Abdon’s family.

Sunday, we visited a farm that produced their own coffee plants. They showed us how they grow, harvest, grind, and roast the coffee, and then we got to sample the product. We also visited a butterfly farm. Then, we went swimming in beautiful natural cliff side pools, and had lot’s of fun going down natural water slides and visiting the Rio On cave. This weekend we saw so much culture of the Maya people in San Antonio, and had so much fun!

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